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Easily deploy, manage, and scale your corporate cyber-risk management without compromising.


Cybersecurity (InfoSec)

Data Privacy (DPG)

Governance, Risk Compliance (GRC)

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Observability (Alops)

Easily Build, Discover, and Triage Your Cyber Risk

Say goodbye to hours of workshops and documentation. Fully discover and understand your organization’s most critical systems from a single dashboard.


Lightning-Fast Deployment

In just a few clicks, purchase, provision, and enable comprehensive Cyber Risk Management on-prem, in the cloud, or anywhere in between.


Simplify the Complex with Our World-Class Support

Turnkey Services from our dedicated 24/7/365 US-Based team will ensure that your organization can handle the unexpected.

Turnkey Vendor Management

Maximize risk mitigation and minimize operational impact by leveraging our team to contact, collect, and complete due diligence on vendors that provide technology to your organization.


The Impact of Radical Simplicity

As the attack surface of organizations grows --- with more environments and devices to protect and more tools to manage, so grows complexity. this is what we call the cyber complexity trap and here’s how we defeat it.

500+Hours Savedflashunt customers save at least 500+ hours yearly on manual discovery, documentation, vendor due diligence and triage compared to non-customers.
20Minute Deploymentmost flashunt customers can begin using their cyber risk model in under 20 minutes, compared to 90+ days for most non-customers.
60%TCO ReductionFlashunt reduces the tco by 60% eliminating expensive consulting, regulatory discovery, manual vendor management, system documentation and business mapping.
50+Compliance StandardsFlashunt incorporates 50+ cybersecurity, data privacy and it best-practices in to 1 unified data model for all cyber risk management scenarios and use-cases.

From Manufacturing to healthcare, Here’s Why Businesses choose Flashunt

See how we help organizations achieve the peace of mind they deserve.

"I'd say we have had nothing but luck with Overpower, but luck has nothing to do with it. Adhering to NIST standards, and using an analytics style platform to display real time statistics to keep you in the know about your own network and security footprint, the product is both sophisticated and easy to utilize. We love everything about it, including the highly experienced and extremely helpful staff at Overpower"
Bill Ogle

Charter Industries


The Latest and the Greatest

News, updates and insights from our team.

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a CISO’s guide to the first 100 days of cyber risk management.
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SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, CPRA, ITAR, NIST 800-171/53 and ISO 27001

We adhere to the highest standards of software security compliance, so you can rest assure that your organization’s data remains fully protected.


FlasHunt: A Platform for Good

An elegant solution to a complicated problem.

Integrated Vendor Management With powerful Contract AI

Vendor Management

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Software Defined Architecture with Auto-Discovery

Enterprise Architecture

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Simple, Affordable, Compliance Data Privacy Tool Chain

Data Privacy

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Stay Compliant with 50+ Voluntary and Statutory Regulations

Regulatory Compliance

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Automated Business Process Mapping with Disaster Recovery Plans

Business Continuity

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Automated Incident Response Plans Connected to your Business Model

Incident Response

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Understand User Behaviour, Access and Authentication across your Organization

Insider Threat

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Affordable, AI-Backed Observability and Automation for Powerful Visibility

Security Telemetry

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Full Discovery of Vulnerabilities and Exposures in your IT Supply Chain

Supply Chain

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Our Mission is Ensuring your Mission

Solutions for your industry:

FlasHunt Manufacturing and Logistics Organizations identify, discover and triage their mission critical Enterprise, Industrial and Operational systems to deliver an accurate inventory and ISO 31000 Risk Register. With increasing compliance requirements and talent shortages, FashHunt eliminates hours of manual work, shortens time necessary to achieve maandatory compliances, and drives quick, risk-based decisions for investments in automation.
FlasHunt keeps organizations that leverage and deliver Critical Infrastructure focused on their mission. WIthout the use of staff, FlasHunt is able to identify the organization's systems within hours and automatically flags those any system considered mission critical. With aging operating hardware and software and a dwindling pipeline of talent and tools that manage and protect these systems, FlasHunt results in focused remediation actions that are common-sense and risk-based, resulting in increased controls while avoiding costly upgrades.
FlasHunt helps Healthcare quickly identify, discover, and triage their Enterprise and Clinical technology systems, keeping system, vendor, and risk documentation all in one place. With data privacy at its forefront, FlasHunt assists Healthcare organizations to triage each system against NIST and HIPAA requirements, making it simple to understand where gaps exist and what controls to put in place to achieve compliance. As a single point solution, FlasHunt ensures healthcare leaders and technologists can quickly and easily access HIPAA compliance reporting, keeping clinicians focused on patient care.
FlasHunt helps Finance and Banking organizations manage cyber-risk across first, second, third, and fourth party systems and providers all in one platform. With Finance organizations facing focused and complex regulations, FlasHunt simplifies the work of Finance and Banking leaders by creating a single source of truth across all systems and vendors. A comprehensive system inventory, vendor management dashboard, ISO 31000 Risk Register, and easy compliance reporting across over 127 compliance frameworks cuts out the manual entry, updating and management of audit and compliance spreadsheets.
FlasHunt results in more effective privacy, risk and security controls across payment, customer management, and supply chain systems. Quickly instantiating a comprehensive system inventory, FlasHunt documents the most mission critical systems necessary to deliver safe customer transactions. Utilizing an ISO 31000 risk triage, each system is rated to ensure a quick view of the riskiest systems and vendors. FlasHunt drives compliance with PCI and numerous privacy standards necessary to ensure your customers and suppliers maintain buying confidence with your organization.
FlasHunt keeps Government organizations, providers, and contractors on track to meet necessary compliance requirements to do business. As a single solution, FlasHunt instantiates a comprehensive system and vendor inventory within hours, FlasHunt quickly identifies and triages systems to point out the greatest risks and where they live, creating an order of priority to ensure the organization's investment of time and remedation activities are focused on items that pose threat to privacy and compliance requirements.
FlasHunt helps Insurance providers keep their provider and customer data safe, while managing the many second and third party vendors necessary to keep the doors open. With an increasing need for third party platforms, Insurance organizations have data hosted in several places without the staff or time to complete regular due diligence on providers. FlasHunt is able to manage your vendor policies, contracts, and agreements all in one place, driving an ISO 31000 risk rating of each. These results allow Insurance organizations to confidently make decisions about customer data privacy and the existing and necessary controls in place to keep it safe.
Facing the heaviest regulatory burden with NIST, DOD, and CMMC requirements, FlasHunt is able to assist Defense organizations, suppliers, and contractors manage risk and compliance quickly and effectively by auto detecting enterprise and industrial systems that are subject to mandatory requirements. Using Department of Defense Mission Assurance Categories, FlasHunt quickly identifies and triages systems to point out the greatest risks and where they live, creating an order of priority to ensure the organization's investment of time and remedation activities are focused on items that pose threat to privacy and compliance requirements.

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